About Burica Surf

Burica Surf is a perfect getaway! If you are ready to spend some quality time with family or friends, or if you want some quiet time to yourself this could be your perfect spot. We are located off the beaten path, where monkey sightings are common, waves are uncrowded, and nature is a part of daily life. There’s no electricity and no internet onsite, so you can take a break from your electronic devices and be more present and connected to your natural surroundings. This is an eco-friendly place, and for those with an adventurous spirit who are interested in finding someplace more unique and secluded it is well worth the effort of getting here.

We are in the process of updating our pricing and booking methods. To reserve your stay Burica Surf house please contact us and we will give you a custom quote.

Here’s how to find us:

Entering Panama by airplane:

Click here for a google map

Fly into David, Panama (domestic flight from Panama City). From David it is about a 1 1/2 hour drive to Puerto Armuelles. From Puerto Armuelles there are small buses that leave hourly until 6pm that go to Bella Vista. From Bella Vista it is about 2.5 kilometers to Burica Surf.

Entering Panama by Car:

Cross the border from Costa Rica at Paso Canoas (you will need a “permisso Salida” if driving your own vehicle, or a return bus ticket if crossing by foot. From Paso Canoas it is about a 40 minute drive to Puerto Armuelles. From Puerto Armuelles it is about 1.5 hours to Bella Vista. From Bella Vista it is about 15 minutes to Burica Surf.

Or… if you would prefer to relax and have us take care of the logistics of your in-country transportation, we can arrange pick up and drop off by car from David, Paso Canoas, Puerto Armuelles or at any other point along the way.

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